100% hygiene and safety thanks to the new Hygiene Plus range

Based on the results of external lab tests, the dishwashers belonging to the Hygiene Plus range produced by Elframo are now certified as guaranteeing maximum efficacy against viruses, germs and bacteria. The thermal disinfection process of these dishwashers with a boosted sanitisation cycle is fully in line with EN 15883 “Washer-Disinfectors” providing general performance requirements for such devices used to clean and disinfect items used in the context of medical, dental, pharmaceutical and veterinary practice, as well as for the cleaning and disinfecting of dishes and cutlery intended to be used by those at risk, such as those with a weakened immune system.

Elframo has subjected the many models in its Hygiene Plus range (glasswashers, dishwashers and warewashers) to type-testing in the laboratory in order to prove their full efficacy when it comes to high temperature washing and complete removal of the bioburden. The test results are good and so we can boast about certified hygiene and happily confirm that the solutions in the Hygiene Plus range guarantee high standards of safety and protection against viruses, germs and bacteria.

How do Hygiene Plus models differ from more conventional dishwashers? All Elframo HP solutions have an incorporated boiler heating element (9.8 kW) to ensure that the temperature of the water quickly reaches the setpoints (75 °C for washing and 90 °C for rinsing). These high temperatures are maintained in the tank and boiler for at least 5 minutes, as recommended by sector studies. This, as well as the minimum contact time foreseen by the standards, means we can safely say that our machines offer maximum efficacy in removing viruses, germs and bacteria. The new electronic board controls the functioning of both tank and boiler heating elements at the same time so that temperatures are more stable during the wash and rinse cycles. New rinse nozzles have been designed specifically to reduce water consumption levels and so offer better operational efficiency.

Our Hygiene Plus dishwashers have been designed to guarantee high performance washing” says Maurizio Mora, Elframo’s CEO. “By optimising the wash and rinse temperatures while also reducing the amount of water needed, we have been able to develop an innovative solution capable of offering maximum safety, including the removal of Covid-19.

As is generally recognised, there are 4 key factors in cleaning and sanitisation: the length of the wash cycle (contact time); the temperature of the wash and rinse water (temperature); the use of suitable specific chemical cleaning and/or sanitising products (chemistry); and the pressure of the water and the use of mechanical accessories integrated in the machine (mechanical power). Elframo dishwashers have passed the relevant tests with flying colours thanks the correct combination of these four factors. Quick routine machine maintenance, the use of suitable water treatment systems (softeners or reverse osmosis devices for improved heat exchange and more effective cleaning) and close attention to hand hygiene when touching the dishes once they leave the dishwasher to avoid recontamination all help guarantee top results in terms of hygiene and cleaning.

At such a time as this, where hygiene has become crucial for safety in every context, Elframo is once again on the front line, supporting the market so it can face each new challenge.