Commercial Ice-cream Machines


What defines the texture of an artisan ice cream is the amount of air contained in it (known as the “overrun”) and the size of the crystals. Easygel batch freezing have special scraping and beating system to grant the finest ice crystals and to increase the amount of air in the mixture, which is cooled on contact with the inside wall of the cylinder, but without the risk of ice crystals forming. Electronic control of the temperature and beating speed result in a smooth and creamy ice cream.


The pasteurisers in the EasyLab range cater for all mixing, pasteurising, preserving and ageing needs, whatever the mixture.

As well standard production programs, there are a further 7 programs that can be fully customised by the user to meet his specific needs. These programs offer a choice of 10 different agitation speeds and a buzzer telling you when to add extra ingredients (up to 5 warnings per program). Temperature control can be paused, especially helpful for the production of yoghurt.