Products are, of course, important, but not enough in themselves. Real added value lies in the service a company provides to support its products.

Our Customer Technical Support team is ready to help you! The CTS is a team of fully trained expert technicians, always on call to help and support you when required.

  • We help you during the pre-sales process, so you make the right choices and find the solution that best meets your real needs
  • We organise periodic training courses to ensure that our network of sales and service personnel are fully trained and qualified.
  • We provide after-sales support, including:
    • troubleshooting and explaining the various functions of each machine model
    • help in identifying the correct codes for spare-parts (if your machine is somewhat old or there is confusion over the correct spare-parts catalogue)
    • sending you technical documents, such as the wiring diagrams, exploded views, technical specifications, user manuals, etc., (if you are having difficulties in accessing these online and/or you need more information)
  • We deal with any returns under warranty and/or replacements


We organise specific training courses for our technicians and the sales force. These courses cover specific issues and are organised throughout the year. They are split into sessions (in person or as webinars) and may also be tailor-made.

Contact us for further info by sending an email to

Customers can access the reserved area of our website by entering their customer code. This is a unique code for each customer, found on all order confirmation documents and invoices.

Accessing the web portal allows you to view and download all our technical documents (wiring diagrams, technical sheets, exploded views, installation and user manuals, etc.,) available for both current machines and those no longer in production.

How do I access the web portal?

Imagine, merely by way of example, that your customer code is 1234. To access the web portal, your login details will be:

User Name     c1234

Password       c1234

You must always enter the letter “c” (lower case) at the start of the customer code in both fields (User Name and Password).

We recommend that you always use original Elframo spare-parts. This ensures that our solutions continue to work properly, and will last longer. All our spare-parts are covered by warranty and will help you keep costs down in the long term.

Contact our authorised Service Centres for prompt assistance.

Returns must be authorised in advance. Our Customer Technical Support team issues an authorisation code (e.g. RMA-21-1055) to identify each return.  This code should appear on all way bills and packaging.

Any parts returned without this code will still be dealt with by Elframo, but there will be an extra charge to cover our administrative costs, even if the item in question is still under warranty.  Returns due to errors made while ordering the parts will also be subject to an extra charge to cover our administrative costs.

Parts should be returned to Elframo S.p.A. within and no later than 60 days from reporting a fault or malfunction, at which point we decide whether or not the warranty is still valid. Any items returned 60 days after said date will be invoiced as normal, even if originally supplied under warranty.