Brief History

Elframo was born in the full economic boom of the 1960s in Bergamo, as Elettromeccanica Fratelli Mora (hence the name Elframo). The first prototype of a fryer dates back to 1964, while the first industrial dishwasher was built in 1968. Over time, the company grows more and more until it becomes a reality with 2 production plants in which the entire production cycle is managed independently. The company is strongly export-oriented and Elframo brand spreads to over 50 countries globally.

Today Elframo is led by Maurizio Mora, CEO, with the support of his sons Andrea and Alberto. The company has about 78 employees employed in production and offices. Tradition and experience combined with innovation and modernity translate into investments aimed at finding new solutions dedicated to the world of professional washing and frying of food.

We are by your side with our best solutions. We accompany you in your daily activities to guarantee you reliable performance in every context. Whether it’s a bar or a restaurant, a bakery, pastry or a supermarket, a fast-food or an inflight catering. But not only. We develop ad hoc solutions for industrial applications and much more. Contact us for more information.

  • 1964 – The first fryer

    The first prototype

  • 1968 – Elframo set up + First dishwasher

    The first prototype

  • 1975 – The business turns its attention to export

  • 1983 - Inauguration of Via Verga plant, in Bergamo

  • 1984 - Ice cream machines business acquisition

  • 1990 – Basic line introduction

    Dishwashers with electromechanical controls

  • 1997 – DGT line launch

    Dishwashers with digital controls

  • 2012 – Fryer with 25l tank in one piece patented

  • 2013 – Rack & flight dishwashers line restyling

  • 2017 – VE line introduction

    Dishwashers with electronic controls

  • 2019 – New EFR 25

    The first fryer with oil filtering system

  • 2020 – Hygiene Plus line

    Dishwashers with a “boosted” sanitisation cycle