Good-bye boiler heating elements!
Welcome to the innovative heating plates, mounted outside the boiler directly in contact with its surface.

Heating plates: innovation makes the difference
1. More efficiency – heat is distributed over the entire boiler surface.
2. More speed – waiting times for water heating are drastically reduced.
3. Energy saving – heat is distributed homogeneously and more quickly, so the electrical power to be applied is lower. A lower heat dispersion is therefore obtained and the total electrical consumption of the dishwasher is reduced.
4. High temperature control – heat spreads over the entire boiler surface in contact with the plates, maintaining a constant temperature at every point.

Less limescale, more efficiency!
As the plates are placed outside the boiler, they are not subject to limescale. The shorter stay of water at high temperatures inside the boiler reduces the accumulation of limescale, increasing its efficiency and duration over time.

High performance with low consumption
1. +25% of energy efficiency and +25% of water efficiency, also thanks to the geometry of the new rinse nozzles.
2. More effective wash: the lower quantity of limescale in the dishwasher increases the effectiveness of the cycle, with a net chemicals saving.

NEXA line

Maintenance optimization
1. Quick maintenance: the design of the boiler, combined with the one of the heating plates, has been specially designed to simplify and optimize maintenance. You don’t have to empty the boiler to operate on it or on the plate, operations are practical and fast.
2. A single spare code to manage the entire machine park: the plates are the same for all models.

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