A new look, fresh and appealing, for Elframo website. A restyling that concerns not only the graphic aspect, but also the technological and functional one, with the aim of responding to the new requirements imposed by the growing digitalization of communication processes.

The new website has been designed with a responsive approach and is accessible from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone) for higher immediacy and usability. But there is much more. The new website has been developed for improved navigation with a well-structured architecture based on contents organised into specific sections for more effective communication and interaction.

Clear and intuitive navigation paths have been created, according to the most recent user experience criteria, and the specific Search function has been added in the Product menu, where it is possible to carry out advanced research up to the single model through the activation of one or more preset filters. An important implementation to support the user step by step in identifying the correct model of the dishwasher or fryer, based on his needs or knowledge of the product.

In addition to the 4 languages ​​(Italian, English, French and Spanish) already available on the previous website, German and Russian have been added for greater coverage of the company’s markets.

“This is a project strongly desired by the company” explains Maurizio Mora, CEO of Elframo Spa “necessary to adapt to the changing technological environment that surrounds us. This project is part of a series of strategic digital communication and marketing activities that aim to relaunch the brand identity and concretely show the dynamism and evolutionary spirit of the company “.