The future you weren't expecting


New glasswashers, front-loading dishwashers, hood-type dishwashing machines.

Nexa range: design, innovation, technology and sustainability. What else?

Innovative. Sustainable.

It is the dawn of a new era, a new future is emerging on the horizon. The new Elframo Nexa range is born, ready to revolutionize the world of washing. A range close to you, developed to meet your needs for guaranteed results in any application context, in any installation, no matter where you are.

and ergonomic

Minimalist design. Clean and elegant lines, what is needed exactly where it is needed. Nexa, the brand-new range of professional dishwashers can be integrated into any context. The ergonomic handle with easy grip guarantees a comfortable opening and closing of the door.
And you aren’t tired.

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4.3” waterproof and shockproof high-sensitive touch display. Robust and resistant even in the most difficult conditions of use.

A single button for switching on and off, the same button for starting the cycle. Wide screen with intuitive touch controls with clear pictograms and brief information. As easy to use as a smartphone.
Because simplicity in the kitchen is of great help.

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Without compromises.

New water heating technology. An innovative and revolutionary system for maximum efficiency in any conditions of use. Whether you are in St. Petersburg or Nairobi, it doesn't matter. You will get the same performance to have always brilliant dishes.

The life cycle of the dishwasher is extended thanks to the new components that meet high quality standards. Maintenance interventions are shortened, thanks to the practicality of the solution.

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It cannot be otherwise.

Water consumption reduced up to 25%. And much more. Electricity consumption also falls up to 25% less than previous models. Less water and less energy used, but also less chemicals needed. You can even save on detergent and rinse aid, always getting shiny dishes! The environment gains from it. And your wallet too.


Elframo dishwashing machines are made of 100% recyclable and reusable AISI 304 stainless steel. We select only high-quality components, coming from controlled supply chains. We are committed to limiting the use of plastic and polluting materials.

Nexa range dishwashers follow the green philosophy: plastic components have been reduced, as well as those made of materials that are not easily disposable and polluting. For a reduced environmental impact.

To make a difference.

4 washing programs with customizable times and temperatures. Different washing options to meet all needs: soft wash for delicate glasses and dishes, cold rinse for glasses and mugs, sanitization for dishes and cutlery, ECO function for respecting the environment and HP thermal-disinfection cycle against viruses, germs and bacteria. Whatever your need, Nexa dishwashers will be by your side to best meet it.

Self-cleaning cycle at the end of the day and integrated self-diagnosis function. Each model is equipped with an atmospheric boiler and break tank for steady temperature and constant water pressure. The drain pump, the detergent and rinse aid dosers are also standard. To offer only the best.

Our goal: to guarantee high standards of cleanliness and hygiene of plates, glasses, cups, trays and cutlery. A reliable partner day by day for always brilliant dishes.

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Fully connected.
For maximum freedom.

Access your dishwasher data whenever you want, wherever you want. Thanks to a PC, a tablet or a smartphone you can view all the necessary information in real time. In a single screen you can monitor the status of each machine, view the washing and rinsing temperatures and control the duration of the washing program set.

And much more. Is there an alert that requires your attention? You get a notification in real time directly on your mobile device. The same notification is received by your technician who can immediately plan the intervention.
For a carefree business.

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The new design and newly developed components are designed to simplify maintenance interventions. Shorter duration of each operation, less operating costs, more time for other assistance.

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