Professional dishwashers and deep-fat fryers

The ELFRAMO WASHERS line is designed to guarantee efficiency and ease of use at all stages of use. Technicians and engineers dedicated to the washers’ line make up more than 15% of our staff. Our know-how and many years of experience mean that we are highly specialised in the field of dish washing. Our range goes from glasswashers to automatic high capacity flights, from electromechanical control to electronic control, from standard products to tailor-made solutions to satisfy specific customer requirements (e.g. bars, the catering industry and various types of community canteen, such as for hospitals and schools, etc.). ELFRAMO also offers accessories, tables and auxiliary plant in order to create ergonomic solutions for the handling, conveying and separation of dishes to guarantee the best possible organisation of the work flow in the washing zone. The ELFRAMO FRYERS line consists of a range of machines, from electrical deep-fat fryers to gas fryers, to meet the many different needs of the modern catering industry in terms of size, automation and heavy usage. The range goes from compact counter-top electrical or gas fryers to electronically controlled high performance fryers. ELFRAMO also supplies various accessories, such as potato heaters and neutral units that allow you to create functional work environments. Products that cater for classic operators (bars, restaurants, fried-food shops) or specifically designed items for "fast-food" outlets.

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