LP61 VE, LP61H VE, LP70 VE e LP130 VE warewashers

LP61 VE, LP61H VE, LP70 VE and LP130 VE warewashers are the best solution for anyone who is looking for robustness and simplicity of use combined with the high efficiency and advanced technology.

Thanks to the new integrated electronic control board that controls all the main washing phases and allows a wide range of adjustments, it’s possible to suit specific needs, such as bakery laboratories, butchers, confectioneries, ice-cream labs and fisheries, who have to wash specific items.
The LP61 VE, LP61H VE, LP70 VE and LP130 VE models have 4 wash cycles that can be customised with temperatures and specific timing for any need. They also have a self-diagnosis function that checks the working parameters and warns the user in case of any anomaly.

On demand they can also be fitted with an anti-reflux device with atmospheric boiler in order to grant constant water pressure and water temperature during the rinsing phase.

The version with IRC (heat recovery system) offers high performances in terms of reliability, safety, hygiene and energy savings. Thanks to the heat recovery system, it’s possible to condense the steam created during washing and rinsing; the recovered energy is then used to pre-heat the inlet water.

  • Double skinned Stainless steel construction in AISI 304, including frame.
  • Electronics controls
  • Display of operational times and status with high-luminosity and user-friendly symbols
  • Quick start of the machine
  • Thermal insulation as standard and acoustic insulation as optional.
  • Counterbalanced 2-way opening with extractable stainless steel basket
  • Wash area with no “shadow” zones.
  • Rinse aid and detergent pumps electronically controlled
Technical data
Type LP 61 VE LP 61 H VE LP 70 VE LP 130 VE
Dimensions mm 675X843X1837 675X843X2001 837X850X1832 1518X848X1827
Net weight Kg 158 170 168 258
Basket sizes mm 700X550 700X550 700X700 700X1385
Usable height mm 662 823 658 641
Cycle lengths sec 120/240/360''-10' 120/240/360''-10' 120/240/360''-10' 120/240/360''-10'
Std input voltage V 400/3N~50 Hz 400/3N~50 Hz 400/3N~50 Hz 400/3N~50 Hz
Max absorbed power kW 10.5 10.8 12.3 24.6
Power of wash pump kW 2,2 2.5 2.5 2.5+2.5
Power of booster pump kW 0,37 0,37 0,37 0,37
Power of boiler heating elements kW 8,3 8,3 9,8 19,6
Power of tank heating elements kW 5,2 5,2 9,8 9,8
Rinse water consumption l 3 3 5 8
Mains water temperature °C 20...55 20...55 40...55 35...55
Basket/Grid 1 1 1 1