The Elframo range of warewashers is perfect for washing pots, kitchen utensils, containers, mixing-bowls, trays and pans. Perfect for patisseries, rôtisseries, bakeries and butcheries. This range of products consists of three lines of warewashers to satisfy various needs. Loading height: 450 – 859 mm. “D120P” warewashers have a 550×550 mm square basket and are robust, simple to use. They are fitted with digital control and offer 3 wash times. Various accessories are also available, such as peristaltic detergent dispensers and a waste evacuation pump.

“LP” warewashers come in four robust, easy-to-use models with electromechanical controls and 3 wash times. These offer superior washing power thanks to their 2.2 kW and 3 kW self-draining wash pumps with stainless steel auger screws and rotors, plus a pressure booster pump.

The machine is built entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel with a double-skin structure and thermal insulation. The “LP” line of warewashers also includes two models with advanced electronic control with an atmospheric boiler and air gap device. These models let you set various functional parameters, such as the wash/rinse times and temperatures or the timing of the peristaltic dispensers to meet specific needs. They can also be fitted with the BA system: an atmospheric boiler that guarantees constant pressure and temperature throughout the rinse cycle.