Covid-19 has undoubtedly distorted everyone’s habits. Now HYGIENE ranks first in every context, from private to professional, in every private and public environment.

Elframo has developed several concrete solutions with the aim of providing full support for the eradication of the virus which, as we know, also affects the surfaces. That’s why it is essential to ensure maximum cleanliness and the maximum degree of hygiene for dishes and equipment that are used daily in professional kitchens.

First solution: Hygiene Plus augmented sanitization kit

Have you got any Electronic VE dishwashers with integrated atmospheric boiler?

Enhance your VE BA dishwasher and make it even more performing, thanks to the practical Hygiene Plus kit, specially created for the increased sanitization of dishes.

2 different types of kits are available.

Kit number 1: part number 00220534 – glasswasher BD 47 VE BA


  • New electronic board with new firmware
  • New rinse nozzles

Kit number 2: part number 00014998 – D 45 VE BA and D 85 VE BA dishwashers, CE 24 F VE BA, C 66 VE BA, and C 66 VE BA IRC hood-type dishwashers, LP 61 VE BA, LP 61 VE BA IRC, LP 61 H VE BA and LP 61 H VE BA IRC potwashers


  • New electronic board with new firmware
  • Boiler heating element 9,8 kW
  • Power cable
  • New rinse nozzles

Install the kit to obtain the augmented sanitization function: you can have a high-performance wash, thanks to the high temperatures of 75 °C in the tank and 90 °C in the boiler with a saving in water consumption. The high washing and rinsing temperatures, combined with the washing mechanism, the customizable times for each washing cycle contribute to eradicating viruses, germs and bacteria.

Thanks to these kit, you’ll be able to “upgrade” your dishwasher and you don’t need to use any sanitizing chemical solution.

The kit can be easily installed, just a few operations.

If you already own the Service Panel, you don’t need to buy the electronic board, you can update your current board in a few simple steps!

If, on the other hand, your machine already has a 9.8 kW boiler heating element, it is not necessary to buy it! You will only need the updated electronic board and new rinsing nozzles.

Contact us for more info. We will be able to recommend the kit that best suits your specific needs!

Our Technical Assistance Team is available by phone and by e-mail from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 a.m. to 12.45 a.m and from 1.45 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Second solution: Hygiene Plus range

Hygiene Plus dishwashers are now available. Glasswashers, dishwashers, hood-type dishwashers and potwashers with electronic controls and atmospheric boiler that also includes the augmented sanitization function for a great safety against viruses, germs and bacteria.

Hygiene Plus models: what has been changed?

  • 9,8 kW boiler heating elements
  • New electronic board with new firmware
  • New rinse nozzle
VE BA Hygiene Plus models integrate the 9.8 kW boiler heating element as standard for the rapid achievement of set point temperatures (75 °C in the tank and 90 °C in the boiler) and for maintaining them continuously, such as prescribed by the main sector regulations.

The VE BA Hygiene Plus models are also characterized by the new firmware release which allow a new management of the boiler to optimize its operation. The electronic board manages the simultaneous operation of the tank heating element and that one of the boiler to offer greater temperature stability during the washing and rinsing phase.

The new rinsing nozzles are specially designed to reduce water consumption for greater operating efficiency (savings from 20%).

Thanks to VE BA Hygiene Plus models, you don’t need to use any sanitizing chemicals solutions!

Available models:

  • BD 47 VE BA Hygiene Plus glasswasher
  • D 45 VE BA Hygiene Plus and D 85 VE BA Hygiene Plus dishwashers
  • CE 24 F VE BA Hygiene Plus, C 66 VE BA Hygiene Plus and C 66 VE BA IRC Hygiene Plus hood-type
  • LP 61 VE BA, LP 61 VE BA IRC, LP 61 H VE BA, LP 61 H VE BA IRC potwashers and utensil washers

We have improved our products to ensure high-performance washing and help you get started safely, but you too must do your part!

  • Use water treatment systems: the softener or the reverse osmosis system help to obtain better heat exchange and increased cleaning efficiency
  • Activates the machine’s self-cleaning cycle and completely drains the tank at the end of the day (models with drain pump installed)
  • Disassemble and clean the filters of the washing tank
  • Clean the wash and rinse arms and nozzles and check that they are free from obstacles
  • Check the detergent and rinse aid levels

Make sure you have clean hands when removing the dishes at the end of the cycle, in order to avoid re-contamination of the same.

Are you looking for more info?

The Sales team is ready to answer all your questions and to recommend the solution that best suits your needs. Contact your sales representative for more information!