Did you know that the dishwashers of our Electronic VE range equipped with the atmospheric boiler (BA) integrate the sanitizing function of the dishes?

It is sufficient to set this special option from the control panel to activate the high temperature washing function with the set point of 75°C in the tank and 90°C in the boiler. The high washing and rinsing temperatures, combined with the washing mechanism, the customizable times for each washing cycle and the correct chemicals, contribute to fight viruses, germs and bacteria present on the dishes.

How activate this function?

The option can be activated by pressing the T2 button from the stand-by screen, once enabled within the password-protected configuration menu. With the option active, a cross symbol is added to the wash icon on the upper left side. The T2 button also allows you to activate the following programs: cold rinse, eco wash and soft wash. These programs are available on all models of the Electronic VE range: from glasswashers to potwashers.

Some valuable tips…

  • Make a couple of short empty cycles to stabilize the temperature in the tank at the start of the day
  • Use a softener or a reverse osmosis device: you get better heat exchange and increased cleaning efficiency, thanks to the clean water
  • Activates the machine’s auto-cleaning cycle and completely drains the tank at the end of the day
  • Disassemble and clean the tank filters
  • Clean the wash and rinse arms and nozzles and check that they are free from obstacles
  • Check the detergent and rinse aid levels

Make sure you have clean hands when removing the dishes at the end of the cycle, in order to avoid re-contamination.