There are two glasswasher lines designed to meet various needs. The “BE” series, with a range of fixed round or square baskets; machines that are robust, simple and fitted with electromechanical controls with a fixed wash cycle for ease of use. This series is especially suited to customers looking for a glasswasher offering basic functions and an excellent final result. Various accessories are also available, such as peristaltic detergent dispensers, a built-in water softener and waste evacuation pump to satisfy your every need.

The “BD” series consists of two lines with electronic control. These are top-of-the-range glasswashers for users wanting high performance, flexible machines with a more elegant design and digital controls.

“DGT” glasswashers come in two double-skin versions with 2 or 3 wash cycle times, a round or square basket, plenty of loading room and a counterbalanced door. The BD47 model also has its own boiler and an insulated body, a soft-start function for the wash pump and a cold water rinse function. Various accessories are also available, such as electrical detergent dispensers, a built-in water softener, a waste evacuation pump and a pressure booster pump to satisfy your every need.

“VE” glasswashers come in two models with advanced electronic control with an atmospheric boiler and air gap device. These models let you set various functional parameters, such as the wash/rinse times and temperatures or the timing of the peristaltic dispensers to meet specific needs. They can also be fitted with the BA system: an atmospheric boiler that guarantees constant pressure and temperature throughout the rinse cycle.