Gelato machines

Gelato is obtained by freezing and stirring a mixture of milk, sugar, cream and other raw materials. The quality of the raw materials and the processes of pasteurization and batch freezing are very important to obtain a good result.

The product range of  Elmogel Gelato machines is produced and sold by Elframo. It consists of Easylab pasteurisers and Easygel batch freezing.

The pasteurisers in the EasyLab range cater for all mixing, pasteurising, preserving and ageing needs, whatever the mixture. Thanks to the indirect glycol heating system, which avoids overheating the mixture, and to the inverter motor, it’s possible to have a perfect and delicate gelato mix.

Easygel batch freezing have special scraper blades to increase the amount of air in the mixture and to allow the creation of the finest ice crystals. The electronic control of the temperature and the agitation speed forms an artisanal gelato with a creamy and smooth consistency.