Gas fryers with a 35 litre capacity

GWM35 T gas fryers with electromechanical controls are 100% AISI 304 stainless steel, with 19 kW power input and a single 35-litre tank with tubular heat exchanger and a large “cold zone”. Body depth: 700 mm. These fryers are controlled by means of an electromechanical thermostat connected to a thermoelectric generator in the pilot unit feeding both the valve and the thermostat itself. This generator provides the electricity needed for these components to work, without the need for any external electricity supply. This type of thermostat offers greater precision and fast temperature readings, meaning that the machine reacts quicker than conventional models fitted with a mechanical system. The two atmospheric gas burners are ignited by means of a conventional pilot unit. The temperature is controlled by a thermostat probe at the front of the tank. There is also a container at the bottom of the unit letting you drain and collect the used oil. Standard fittings include two independent half-baskets. A single large basket (365 x 540 mm) can also be ordered: this snugly fits the tank, ideal for frying large products. All GWM35 T gas fryers with electromechanical controls can be connected to either a natural (methane) gas or LPG supply. Standard fittings include a conversion kit with nozzles and labels. Conversion must be done by a qualified gas fitter.

  • Body in S/S AISI 304 with rounded corners
  • Molded tank without weldings and pipe burners
  • Oil temperature setting by thermostat, without external power supply
  • Safety thermostat
  • Oil collecting bin
Technical data
Type GWM35T
Dimensions mm 700X700X1125
Oil Lts to fry l 46max - 35min
Absorbed power kW 19
Tank dimensions mm 400X555
Basket dimensions mm 2 - 365x265 - 365X540 (optional)
Oil container capacity l 17