Warewasher – LP 61 H VE

Warewasher – LP 61 H VE

  • AISI 304 stainless steel frame and chassis, double-skinned structure
  • Standard thermo insulation of the frame, acoustic insulation on request
  • Counterbalanced 2-way opening with extractable stainless steel basket
  • Electronic controls: LED display with user-friendly symbols
  • Operational information and operational program status
  • 4 wash cycles with programmable times and temperatures
  • Washing/rinsing chamber with no welding, to avoid dirt stagnation, unique mould tank
  • Self-draining wash pump and impeller cover in stainless steel
  • Tank with inclined bottom and widely rounded corners to avoid residual deposit
  • AISI 304 Boiler
  • Stainless steel surface filters in the tank
  • Stainless steel rotating washing and rinsing arms
  • Self diagnostic system
  • Self cleaning
  • Peristaltic rinse aid doser and peristaltic detergent doser
  • Useful basket passage: 828 mm
  • Cold pre-wash phase for butchery sector (on demand)

Additional information

Type - Dishwashers



VE – Electronic controls

Basket size

700×550 mm

Basket/hour or Plate/hour output

30-15-10/h – 120-60-40/h (baking trays)

Number of cycles


Special programmes

Cleaning, Cold rinse, Draining at end of day, Eco, Sanitisation

Power - Dishwashers


Size (WxHxD)

675×2.160×843 mm

Net/Gross weight

170 Kg

Cycle lengths

120/240/360/360 HP/600” + 10’

Power rating

400V 3N

Max absorbed power

10.8 kW

Pump power

2.5 kW

Power of the boost pump

0.25 kW

Boiler heating element power

8.3 kW

Tank heating element power

5.2 kW

Tank capacity

60 l

Boiler capacity

8 l

Water consumption

2.6 l

Main water temperature

20 ÷ 55 °C


n. 2 – cod. 00067029 + cod. 00059360



  • Drain pump
  • Supplement for power supply 230V 3N @ 50Hz
  • Remote control panel
  • Cold prewashing
  • Anti rat kit