Flight type dishwasher – ENR 3200

Flight type dishwasher ENR 3200

  • Power wash + double rinse
  • Double-skinned supporting frame completely in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Thermo and acoustic insulation for boiler AISI 316 also for the frame
  • Full-width double “guillotine” (vertical sliding) doors
  • Electromechanical controls
  • Inverter-controlled motor to select 3 different scrolling speeds
  • Conveyor belt with personalized elements on a stainless steel frame
  • AISI 316 steel boiler
  • Incoloy 800 steel heating elements in tanks and boiler
  • Washing/rinsing chamber with no welding, to avoid dirt stagnation, unique mold AISI 316 tank
  • Economizers in each module
  • Drained water heat recovery (optional)
  • External collectors and washing columns for easy cleaning and to prevent impurities residual
  • Stainless steel wash and rinse arms with adjustable tilting to optimise results to suit specific needs
  • Direction change gear selector

Additional information

Type - Dishwashers

Flight dishwashers


Electromechanical controls

Basket size


Basket/hour or Plate/hour output

2000-2600-3200/h (plates and trays)

Number of cycles


Power - Dishwashers

Electrical, Steam

Number of modules

2 – power wash – double rinse

Size (WxHxD)

4.200×1.642×991 mm

Inverter/motor power

0.21 kW

Power rating

400V 3N

Max absorbed power

32.2 kW

Pump power (Power wash)

2.2 kW

Pump power (Double rinse)

0.37 kW

Tank heating (Double rinse)

9.8 kW

Tank heating (Power wash)

9.8 kW – 16.9 Kg/h

Tank capacity (Power wash)

90 l

Tank capacity (Double rinse)

24 l

Boiler capacity

24 l


19.6 kW – 34 Kg/h

Water consumption
Main water temperature

55 °C

Maximum electrical consumption + steam

12.6 kW – 34 Kg/h



  • Contact us for all the possible specific configurations.