High performance electrical fryers

EFP/EFU high performance stand-alone electrical fryers are designed to fry large quantities of product very quickly, while keeping electricity consumption levels low and respecting the flavour and nutritional properties of the oil for constantly high quality fried food. The electronic temperature control and the fast recovery of the correct frying temperature after adding frozen or fresh food to the tank make for crispy, light results. These models are fitted with the “melting” function for controlled heating of the oil or solid fat. During the initial melting stage, power input is just 6.6 kW, gradually allowing the oil/fat to reach a temperature of 90 °C. This stage is essential to avoid overheating the oil near the heat source while the oil/fat temperature is still low. After this initial stage, the EFP/EFU high performance stand-alone electrical fryers switch to 13.2 kW to bring the oil up to the required frying temperature. Only when the fresh or frozen product is added does the fryer switch to the max power setting (20 kW) to recover the optimal frying temperature and to prevent the product from absorbing too much oil. The 12 timers are flexible and calculate the effective frying time to suit the selected oil temperature. This function lets you produce the required amount of fried product without having to check the product constantly while it is being cooked. There is a large sliding container fitted with a grill filter at the bottom of the unit to collect the used oil. Standard fittings include two independent half-baskets. A single large basket can also be ordered: this snugly fits the tank, ideal for frying large products. EFP/EFU high performance stand-alone electrical fryers are fitted with a single moulded AISI 304 stainless steel tank, with a deep cold settling area to maintain the quality of the oil. These are eco-sustainable machines as they have no insulating material and so are 100% recyclable when they reach the end of their working life. Advanced electronic control makes for electricity savings of up to 35% and ensures up to 20% longer life for the oil than in other similar machines. Optional devices include a remote service module that lets you connect the fryer to our customer service for quick diagnosis and solving of any problems that may arise.

  • Body in S/S AISI 304 with rounded corners
  • Unique molded tank in S/S AISI 304
  • Temperature probes tank
  • Armored overturned heating elements
  • Modular electric heating
  • Easy-touch electronic main control
  • Automatic Melting cycle
  • Automatic tank washing cycle
  • 12 pre-set food selections
  • Tank filter
  • Oil container with rollers
Technical data
Type EFP25 EFU25
Dimensions mm 400X800X1120 400X900X1120
Basket dimensions mm n° 2 - 140X365X130h n° 2 - 140X365X130h
Absorbed power kW max 20 (6.6-13.2-20) max 20 (6.6-13.2-20)
Std. Input voltage V 400/3N/50Hz 400/3N/50Hz
Oil Lts to fry l 25 25
Oil container capacity l 27 27
Production with frozen potatoes kg/h ~35 ~35