Counter-top electrical fryers

The counter-top electrical fryers in the ST series have power input ranging from 3.2 kW to 12 kW and either a single or twin tank. They have an extractable electrical box with stainless steel armoured heating elements to facilitate tank cleaning or the servicing of the electromechanical components. ST counter-top electrical fryers have electromechanical temperature control thanks to a thermostat on the control panel. A safety thermostat cuts the electricity supply in the event of an anomaly to prevent the heating elements from overheating, especially useful if the oil level is too low or the thermostat malfunctions. The seamless tank is fitted with a drain tap at the front of the machine for collecting used oil. The installed power for the ST counter-top fryers is sufficient to ensure that the frying temperature is quickly reached and its fast recovery whenever frozen or fresh products are added to the tank. Standard fittings for ST counter-top fryers include a single large basket that snugly fits the tank. Two independent half-baskets can also be supplied for the 12-litre model for greater flexibility. Other optional accessories include a surface filter for the oil container and a grill for the bottom of the tank.

  • Body in S/S AISI 304 with rounded corners
  • Adjustable feet
  • Drain tap with safety device
  • Additional safety thermostats
  • Armored heating elements in S/S
Technical data
Type ST6 Plus ST6+6 Plus ST7 ST 7+7 ST12 ST12+12
Absorbed power V kW 3.2 - V 230/1 kW 6.4 - V 230/1 kW 4.8 - V 400/3N kW 9.6 - V 400/3N kW 6 - V 400/3N - kW 9 - V 400/3N kW 12 - V 400/3N - kW 18 - V 400/3N
Dimensions mm 261X459X315h 547X459X315h 261X459X315h 547X459X400h 322X490X428h 668X490X428h
Tank dimensions mm 238X300X210 n° 2 - 238X300X210 238X300X210 n° 2 - 238X300X210 300X329X240 n° 2 - 300X329X240
Oil Lts to fry l 7 7+7 7.5 7.5+7.5 11.5 11.5+11.5
Basket dimensions mm 197X258X100 n° 2 - 197X258X100 197X236X120 n° 2 - 197X236X120 257X268X120 n° 2 - 257X268X120
Frozen chips kg/h 7 7+7 11 11+11 15 - 17 15+15 - 17+17