Angelo Mora opened his Bergamo workshop in the boom years of the 1960s. The company quickly built up a good reputation in more than 50 countries. Angelo’s passion was behind the success of the company: he carefully followed all developments, from the original idea for a new project to the final product, backed up and assisted by his collaborators. The basic philosophy was to build machines to modernise the world of collective catering. Angelo started of producing deep-fat fryers and then followed these with a line of dishwashers. In the late 1990s the company also started producing home-made ice-cream machines; it then designed pasteurising machines and mixers. The small workshop started in 1968 has since turned into a major company, with two production sites and exporting 70% of its output. The company’s key words are ‘progress’, ‘create’ and ‘improve’.



Angelo Mora provided the initial input, ensuring that all the company’s products are strong, robust and hard-wearing. This approach continues to pay premiums today and has been cleverly continued and updated by subsequent generations. Tradition and experience plus a modern outlook mean that the company invests in research and the development of new solutions dedicated to the worlds of professional washing and frying. The company’s strength also lies in its widespread, experienced customer service network through its reliable, loyal resellers, forming a key factor when it comes to total customer satisfaction. A guaranteed 24 hour spare-parts delivery service is made possible by an automatic warehousing system for prompt order processing. Training courses are regularly held to ensure that all staff are fully up-to-date with new developments.