Flight dishwashers

ENR flight dishwashers are designed for heavy usage, easily dealing with large volumes and a continuous cycle. This makes them perfect for hotels, large restaurants, canteens, hospitals, schools, etc. They come in 4 modular versions with throughput rates of between 2000 and 7200 plates/hour. All models can be either electrically or steam powered. ENR flight dishwashers have a conveyor belt with details that can be personalised and 3 advance speeds (INVERTER control) with an electromechanical selector on the control panel on the electrical box. This is in the top section of the machine and so easily accessed during routine maintenance.

ENR flight dishwashers are fitted with an energy saving device on all modules to optimise water and electricity consumption, to suit the actual load. They also have a double final rinse. PLC control makes for precise, smooth operation. The clear display of any warning messages means you can intervene promptly and so exploit the maximum potential of these dishwashers. ENR flight dishwashers can be fitted with various optional devices or extra plant, such as a drying system at various power settings so that you can use the dishes or trays again immediately after washing. Other options include a heat recovery system and diverse accessories, such as rinse-air and peristaltic detergent dispensers and an air gap device. The double-skin 100% AISI 304 stainless steel structure has wide guillotine doors for easy access if required. The moulded wash tank and insulated boiler are both made from AISI 316 stainless steel to ensure longer life and resistance against chemical agents. The wash/rinse arms are easily removed to allow for thorough cleaning of the washing chamber. The manifolds and ion-exchange columns are accessed externally. ENR flight dishwashers have large trays at the front and rear to catch any objects that might fall from the belt during loading and unloading.

  • Double skinned supporting frame completely in S/S AISI 304
  • Control panel at the top of the machine
  • Conveying flight system with custom device on S/S frame
  • Washing/rinsing chambre with no welding
  • Unique mold AISI 316 tank
  • Double skinned counterbalanced guillottine door
  • Robust arms washing/rinsig S/S
  • Insulated boiler in AISI 316, with provision for a third heating element
  • Boiler and tank temperature setting with electronic thermo controls
  • Inverter controlled motor letting you select three different belt speeds
  • Economizers in each module
  • Double rinsing system
  • Self-diagnosis control and monitoring of HACCP temperatures by MODBUS interface (optional)
  • Opening front drawer for dropped items recovery and for easy cleaning
  • Provision for connection of various plants (dryng unit, extraction hood, extraction hood with steam condensator motor etc)
Technical data
Type ENR3200 ENR4200 ENR5200 ENR7200
Dimensions mm 4200X950X1780 4900X950X1780 5800X950X1780 6200X950X1780
Production plates n°/h 2000/2600/3200 2800/3500/4200 3400/4300/5200 5000/6100/7200
Motor/inverter power kW 0.18 0.18 0.29 0.29
Belt useful gateway mm 600X440 600X440 600X440 600X440
Power feeding Volt/Hz 400V/3N/50Hz 400V/3N/50Hz 400V/3N/50Hz 400V/3N/50Hz
Inlet water temperature °C 55 55 55 55
Tot. El. Pwr + steam kW-kg/h vp 3.6-33.7 3.6-33.7 13.5-33.7 6.7-67.5
Tot. Absorbed power kW 33 33.7 44.4 43.6
Std supplied baskets 3-FAA027 / 3-00007120 3-FAA027 / 3-00007120 3-FAA027 / 3-00007120 3-FAA027 / 3-00007120