Compact rack dishwashers

ETS16 compact rack dishwashers are suitable for washing large quantities of dishes where space is at a premium. These dishwashers have a rack system with a central stainless steel guide. It can be fitted with various accessories and systems, such as service tables, sorting tables, rollers, drying systems, etc. There are also various optional accessories, such as rinse-aid and peristaltic detergent dispensers. The structure is double-skin 100% AISI 304 stainless steel with a moulded wash tank to avoid build-up of waste. The wash/rinse arms are easily removed to allow for thorough cleaning of the washing chamber and all components.

Compact rack dishwashers are fitted with an energy saving device at the entrance as well as an auto timer to optimise water and electricity consumption, to suit the actual load. PLC control makes for precise, smooth operation. The clear display of any warning messages means you can intervene promptly and so exploit the maximum potential of these dishwashers. ETS16 compact rack dishwashers can be fitted with an efficient drying system so that the dishes and trays can be used again immediately after washing. The direction of movement can be reversed at any time to adapt the machine to the customer’s actual needs. This option is not available if the machines are fitted as standard with a drying system.

  • Double skinned supporting frame completely in S/S AISI 304
  • Splash guards at the entrance and exit standard equipment
  • Semplified reversible conveyor system
  • Control panel at the top of the machine
  • Washing/rinsing chambre with no welding
  • Wash tank unique mold no welding.
  • Double skinned counterbalanced guillottine door
  • Robust arms washing/rinsig S/S
  • Insulated thermo heat boiler in AISI 316
  • Vertical self-draining washing electro-pump
  • Conveyor system with S/S central guide mechanism
  • Entry safety micro-switch
  • Rinsing pressure reduction gear
  • Boiler and tank temperature setting with digital thermo controls
  • Provision for connection of accessories/equipment (service tables, tables with basket shelf, roller tabling, dryng system, etc)
Technical data
Type ETS16
Dimensions (Dimensions with splashguard) mm 1069 (1369) X840X1500
Basket useful passage mm 500X440
Production (B/h) 75
Feed motor kW 0.18
Std input voltage V 400/3N~50 Hz
Maximum absorbed power kW 21
Feed water °C 55
Std supplied baskets 2-FAA001 / 2-FAA007