Automatic dishwashers

Automatic ETS16/ETE/ETR-ETR M/ENR dishwashers are ideal for large throuput and all those needing a high capacity system.
The range is split into compact rack dishwashers; standard rack dishwashers; modular rack dishwashers with electromechanical controls and conveyor belt (“flight”) dishwashers.

Automatic dishwashers are designed to satisfy various needs. Throughput: 75 – 280 baskets/hour or up to 7200 plates/hour (ENR). The ETS16 and ETE series of automatic dishwashers have PLC electromechanical controls. The ETR M and ENR automatic dishwashers also have INVERTER speed control. All automatic dishwashers require electricity or steam connections (except for the ETS16). ETR automatic dishwashers have an intuitive TOUCH SCREEN control panel that lets you control all the functions, even the saving of HACCP data to USB memory stick.

“ETS” automatic dishwashers are robust compact solutions. They have PLC electromechanical controls and offer a rack advance speed of min 75 baskets/hour. Especially suited to those looking for a compact dishwasher with basic functions and excellence final results. Optional accessories include drying systems, entry and exit tables, rinse-aid and peristaltic detergent dispensers to suit all needs.

The “ETE” series of automatic dishwashers comprises two lines with PLC electromechanical control. These are top-of-the-range dishwashers for users wanting high performance, flexible machines with pre-wash and single/double rinse modules and AISI 316 stainless steel wash tank and boiler. The basic “ETE” automatic dishwasher comes in four models, with 1 or 2 wash times (60-135 baskets/hour), ample loading room (500×440 mm) and a single rinse cycle. The double-rinse “ETE” automatic dishwasher comes in four models, with 1 or 2 wash times and ample loading room (400 mm).
“ETR” automatic dishwashers come in three models with PLC electromechanical controls and two models with TOUCH SCREEN controls. All ETR dishwashers have three rack advance speeds with INVERTER control. The wash tank and boiler are in AISI 316 stainless steel. Throughput rates range from 100 to 280 baskets/hour. A wide range of accessories are available to boost productivity.

“ENR” automatic dishwashers come in 4 modular versions and offer throughput of between 2000 and 7200 plates/hour. All models can be either electrically or steam powered. ENR flight dishwashers have a conveyor belt with details that can be personalised and 3 advance speeds (INVERTER control).