100% hygiene and safety with the new Hygiene Plus range

100% hygiene and safety with the new Hygiene Plus range

Thanks to external laboratory tests, it has been certified that the new Elframo Hygiene Plus dishwashers ensure maximum effectiveness against viruses, germs and bacteria. The thermo-disinfection process of the dishes associated with the “augmented” sanitization cycle was fully in line with EN 15883 “Washing and disinfection equipment”, a reference standard in the medical, veterinary, dental, pharmaceutical markets and also valid in the field of washing and disinfecting dishes and cutlery intended for use, for example, by immunosuppressed patients.

The Bergamo-based company has subjected the different Hygiene Plus models of glasswashers, dishwashers and utensil washers to type tests in the laboratory with the aim of proving the full effectiveness of washing at high temperatures and the complete removal of the bacterial load. The tests have been successfully passed and now it is possible to talk about certified hygiene and thus confirm that the solutions of the Hygiene Plus range guarantee high safety standards against viruses, germs and bacteria.

What do the Hygiene Plus models offer different from traditional dishwashers? First of all, these solutions integrate a standard 9.8 kW boiler heating element to quickly reach the set point temperatures (75 °C for washing and 90 °C for rinsing). The tank and boiler high temperature, the contact time on the load as prescribed by the regulations and the certified maintenance of 70 °C on dishes for at least 5 minutes according to sector studies, ensure that maximum efficiency is obtained in the removal of viruses, germs and bacteria. The new electronic board also allows you to manage the simultaneous operation of the tank and boiler heating elements to offer higher temperature stability during the washing and rinsing phase. The new rinse nozzles, specially designed to reduce water consumption, increase operational efficiency.

“The Hygiene Plus dihswashers” explains Maurizio Mora, Elframo CEO, “have been designed to guarantee high-performance wash. The optimization of washing and rinsing temperatures together with the reduction of water consumption has led to the development of an innovative solution capable of offering maximum safety even in the removal of Covid-19 “.

Cleaning and sanitization on the load depend on 4 factors: the time that corresponds to the duration of the washing cycle, the wash and rinse temperatures, the use of a specific suitable chemical (detergent and/or sanitizing) and, finally, the mechanical power that comes from the pressure of the inlet water and the use of mechanical accessories integrated into the machine. Elframo dishwashers have achieved excellent results in the tests carried out, resulting from the correct combination of the 4 elements mentioned.

The small routine maintenance actions of the dishwasher, the use of suitable water treatment systems (softener or reverse osmosis system for better heat exchange and increased cleaning efficiency) and attention to cleaning hands when removing the dishes at the end of the cycle to avoid re-contamination help to ensure the best results in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. In a historical moment like the present one, where safety linked to hygiene is essential in every context, Elframo once again demonstrates an important frontline presence to support the market in the new daily challenges.